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Soon we can do our shopping on Instagram

December 6 | By axel

Instagram is letting brands test a new function where they’re able to tag their products so they can be bought through the app. A dussin brands, including Kate Spade, J. Crew, Warby Parker and Macy’s, have partnered up with Instagram to try this demo function that is supposed to simplify the purchase process of online customers. It is not about reducing the number of steps necessary from discovery to actually buying a product, but rather reducing the friction between the two. Read More

Social Media Team Leader – Robert Jurewicz

December 6 | By cecilia

Hi. My name is Robert and I am a Social Media Specialist here at Genuin. My academic background is in psychology and statistics which might seem like an odd mix. I have previously worked at the publisher side of things, most recently for Facebook in ad sales. I’m born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, with two Polish parents so I also speak Polish and recently had the opportunity to show our team around Warsaw a bit. Read More

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