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Reasons why you should bid on your own brand name

In PPC advertising, and Google AdWords in particular, it is common practice to distinguish between brand and non-brand search terms. That is, whether the search term is including the company name or not. Brand search terms are those with only the company name, such as “Ikea”, or in combination with another keyword, for example “Ikea bookshelf”. Bidding on your own brand name has often been questioned as to why it would be worth paying for when it in almost all cases ranks in position number one organically. With this in mind, the aim of this article is to explain the main reasons why bidding on your own brand name has become best practice within PPC, and why it is something that we at Genuin usually advocates.


1. More clicks in total

In case your company has a recognized and strong brand name that attracts competing advertisers, you have far more to lose not bidding on your own company name. This is because only showing up in organic search will allow other competing advertisers to “steal” clicks from you. Search engine Bing proved this after analyzing 50 million ad impressions in the competitive Financial Services industry in the US in 2014, concluding that advertisers can lose up to almost 50% of all clicks by not bidding on their own brand name. Thus, you will minimize the risk of losing clicks to competitors, and most importantly, increase the total number of clicks by advertising on your own company name.


2. Improved conversion rate (CR)

In cases where there are no competitors advertising on your brand name, there are still good reasons why you should bid on it. Perhaps the most important is to achieve an increased conversion rate. Given that ads compared to organic search allows for a higher degree of customization and control, as well as for more space to show information, it is possible to improve the conversion rate. Just to give an example, it is easy to add and highlight unique selling points, positive reviews and sitelinks by utilizing ad extensions. Important to emphasize is that you with PPC ads have much better control of the landing page in contrast to organic search, where it is possible to immediately direct traffic to specific landing pages such as for campaign offerings with Black Friday and Christmas sales etc.


3. Better Quality Score (QS) and low cost per click

Given that your brand name usually is the most relevant keyword, and that you probably own the domain with the company’s name, it is likely that the click-through-rate will be high, which in turn will lead to a good Quality Score (QS) and a low cost per click (CPC). Quality Score, often shortened QS, is a measurement Google AdWords uses to determine the relevance of your ads, which affects your ad position as well as what you are paying per click. Essential is that a high QS for your brand name can have a positive influence on QS also for other keywords in the account. Moreover, because of the low CPC you are paying to bid on your own company name, only a few additional conversions are required to be profitable.

4. Other reasons

The above reasons are in my view the most important as to why you should bid on your own company name, however, there are also a few other things worth mentioning. One is that you easily can measure how your brand awareness evolves over time, which can be particularly important if your company also is engaged in offline marketing activities such as TV, radio or print advertising.

Furthermore, it may be that your company for some reason does not appear at the top of the organic search, and thus it becomes necessary to bid on your own brand name to let your customers be able to find your business online.

Finally, if your company received negative publicity that had an impact on the search engine results page (SERP), it is by paid search possible to push down such negative news further the search results and prevent this from being visible above the fold, i.e. in the critical area at the top of the page that the visitor sees without scrolling.


I hope this helps shed some light on the reasons why it may be a good idea bidding on your own company name, and why it is something that we at Genuin usually recommend doing. Should you have any more queries regarding online marketing that you think we can help your company with, you are more than welcome to contact us for a free consultation.


Magnus Schill,

Online Marketing Specialist

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