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Do you want to be a specialist within online marketing?
Genuin’s Academy provides you with unique and highly sought-after skills.

We teach you how

Get the opportunity to learn the latest within online marketing! Genuin’s Academy combines theory with practice where you can use your newly acquired knowledge. During three intensive months, you will learn online marketing in great detail, while working with real clients.

The program is very unique. Genuin’s employees are often based at the offices of our customers and work with many different advertising channels. We help our customers with both operational work and strategic decisions. This invaluable combination of skills and experience means makes us unique in the marketplace. We are happy to share these skills and experience with you.

You will learn directly from the best specialists in the industry to get a good understanding of each individual channel, how different channels interact and how to create the best business value for a given company. The program is continuously followed up by internal and external certifications.

After the initial training, you will methodically analyze how best to increase sales and improve profitability within a given marketing budget. You are now operationally proficient in Google Adwords and/or Facebook advertising, have practical experience and a deeper understanding of web analytics, affiliate marketing, conversion rate optimization, SEO, remarekting, Twitter and Instagram advertising.

Besides operational expertise, you will also posses a comprehensive strategic understanding, that can be deployed with all areas of modern marketing.

Be prepared for a high pace and quick learning curve.


“What makes Genuin’s training unique is that you from the start learn to create real business value for companies, both from a strategic and operational perspective. Subsequently, you can shape your own role based on what you are passionate about.”

Magnus Helander, CEO

You will learn this

Week 1–2

You will get a good understanding of the advertising industry and an overview of the online marketing landscape. We will make a deep dive into the most important strategic issues and will thoroughly go through Genuin’s methodology on creating business value for our customers.
You will also learn the basics of the most important marketing channels such as Google AdWords, SEO, Facebook advertising, affiliate marketing, as well as remarketing, conversion rate optimization and web analytics.

Week 3–7

You now get the chance to learn Google AdWords and/or Facebook advertising in more depth. With a good understanding of Google AdWords, you have a very good foundation for further development within online marketing. Our specialists will train you and ensure you complete all relevant certifications. In parallel, you will start working with smaller clients and their accounts.

Week 8–12

The focus now changes to gain more practical experience and an understanding of how different factors affect the outcome. Here you will work with small and medium-sized customers and sit next to our senior consultants and specialists. Both at Genuin and on-site at our clients.

What differentiates Genuin’s Academy from other training programs?
Modern marketing is a complex field, which is impossible to learn solely in the classroom by studying textbooks. It needs to be practiced and combined with deeper, relevant theoretical studies. Genuins Academy goes deeper, allowing you to see the big picture, by both teaching operational and strategic skills and also give you vital industry knowledge.

Who may join the Academy?
New employees, trainees and students working on their thesis, as well as external companies who wish to improve their in-house capabilities. Contact us for a tailor-made solution.

What can I do after the Academy?
It may take several years to become an expert in online marketing. You need both deep operational knowledge and strategic work experience. The Academy provides an invaluable foundation that serves as a springboard to becoming a specialist. What you need to have is a desire to succeed, commitment and drive.

“Personal development and creativity is a high priority at Genuin. You are able to take initiative and test new channels while constantly learning new and exciting things.”

Sebastian Jansson, specialist socia media

Utilise your full potential

Aim for a unique and valuable education and become the best at what you are passionate about.

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